Vol. 11 No. 20 (2020): Journal of Tourism and Services

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Journal of Tourism and Services, established in September 2010, is an international reviewed scientific research journal, published by the Center for International Scientific Research of VŠO and VŠPP in cooperation with the following partners:

  • Juraj Dobrila University of Pula, Faculty of Economics and Tourism, Croatia
  • School of Business and Administration of the Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal, Portugal
  • Szent István University, Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, Hungary
  • University College of Business in Prague, Czech Republic
  • University of Debrecen Faculty of Economics and Business, Hungary
  • University of Entrepreneurship and Law, Prague, Czech Republic
  • University of Zilina, Faculty of Operation and Economics of Transport and Communications, Slovakia

The journal publishes high-quality scientific papers and essays with a focus on tourism and service industry development. Together with the scientific part and in order to promote the exchange of current and innovative ideas and stimulating debate, the Journal also includes Reviews of Existing Work or Short Essays, Research Notes, and Research and Industry sections to address important topics and advance theoretical knowledge or thinking about key areas of tourism and services and to allow researchers to present initial findings and reflections or problems concerning fieldwork and research in general.

All papers are published only in the English language.

The Journal is intended for international professionals, academics, and students not only for reading but also as a space for publication and source of information for work.

The Journal is published twice a year.

The Journal of Tourism and Services is indexed in the following scientific databases:

The Journal of Tourism & Services is included in the database of the Research Development and Innovation Council, an advisory body to the Government of the Czech Republic called "Seznam recenzovaných neimpaktovaných periodik vydávaných v České Republice”

Published: 2020-06-24

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