Key Success Factors for Doing Business in Hot Air Balloon Riding


  • Serkan Bertan serkanbertan



Air sports, Balloon Business, Hot Air Balloon Tours, Hot Air Balloon Experience, Hot Air Balloon Activity, Balloon Tourism.


The presented study analyzes the relation between customer satisfaction with balloon riding experience and related support activities. The field research by the method of the questionnaire survey of the hot balloon ride events participants was conducted in the Pamukkale district of Denizli province in Turkey. The target group of the research consisted of people who came to Pamukkale and who have participated in the balloon riding activity which is a memorable tourism experience. The questionnaire survey of participants was realized right after their balloon ride experience by research volunteers. Collected data were analyzed through reliability, factor, and regression analyses using package software. In the scope of memorable tourism experiences, the highest average value among the effects of the balloon ride experience was identified in case of happiness, followed by satisfaction and spending level. The effects of the balloon ride experience on happiness, satisfaction, and spending level were positively impacted by the support given for the improvement of hot air balloon activities. The variables describing satisfaction, happiness, and spending level were determined as the most important determinants in relation to support given to hot air balloon activities. The results of this study show that balloon businesses have to increase satisfaction, happiness, and spending levels for the customers who participate in the balloon riding experience. In this way, consumers will support hot air balloon activities, thus increasing the demand for hot air balloon experiences.


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Author Biography

Serkan Bertan, serkanbertan

Serkan Bertan, Assoc. Prof. Dr.

Pamukkale University, Faculty of Tourism, Tourism Management, Pamukkale Universitesi, Turizm Fakültesi, Kınıklı, 20020, Denizli, Turkey, Address, Country,,

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Serkan BERTAN, PhD.

Dr. Serkan’s research is to cover tourism, hospitality, management, technology, and management information systems. While he is finishing up his tourism vocational high school and Bachelor's Degree in Tourism Management and Education, Dr. Serkan gained professional experience as an intern at several departments in hotels. He also has a High School Education Licence and served as a high school teacher at Ankara Dogantepe Multi-department High School and Izmir Karsiyaka Gumuspala Commercial High School. After working as a Research Assistant at the Pamukkale University, He attended the PhD Program at Dokuz Eylul University in 2002 and completed his PhD studies within four years. After his Ph.D. degree, he joined Pamukkale University at the Department of Tourism and Hotel Management. In 2009 Dr. Serkan was invited as a fellow researcher to the Department of Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management University of South Carolina for his Post Ph.D. Studies. He is Assoc. Prof. Dr., Faculty of Tourism, Pamukkale University at Denizli, Turkey.




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