Digital Nomads' Willingness to Stay – a Combined Analysis of SEM and fsQCA Results




Lisbon is a multicultural city with a business center that hosts major technology companies and professionals in the field, including digital nomads. High demand for tourist accommodation and the arrival of foreigners to work in the country have led to an imbalance between the supply and affordable cost of real estate for residents of the capital. This work aims to survey and determine whether digital nomads in Lisbon intend to settle in the city or are just passing through. To identify the combination of factors that influence digital nomads’ decision-making, we conducted a quantitative study using survey data tested through structural equation modelling and configurational analysis by fsQCA. The results show that while the decision to stay in the city is heavily influenced by community attachment, we found three configurations that reveal distinct patterns of digital nomads’ intention to stay in the city. These results suggest that policymakers need to consider that digital nomads are not a homogeneous group. This study makes an important contribution to the understanding of behavioral intentions and is, to the authors’ knowledge, the first to identify different configurations based on digital nomads’ intentions to stay in a city.


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Author Biographies

Taciane Azevedo Andrade, ISCTE-IUL, Lisbon, Portugal

Business Support Specialist at Dashlane / Master in Science at the University of Glasgow. Galileu - Vocational Training School in Information Technology. Galileu - Vocational Training School in Information Technology Code Development, Computer Programming. Data Science and Big Data Student (Post-Degree). Recently became certified in Software Development Fundamentals (Microsoft -MTA).

Álvaro Dias, ISCTE-IUL, Lisbon, Portugal and Business Research Unit, Lisbon, Portugal

Professor of Tourism, marketing and Entrepreneurship at ISCTE-IUL, Lisbon, Portugal. He holds two Ph.Ds. one in Management and Marketing and another in Tourism, and is a researcher at BRU-Business Research Unit/ISCTE-IUL. Postdoctoral studies in Management, MSc in Strategy, and MBA in International Business. He has over 28 years of teaching experience. He has had several visiting positions in different countries and institutions including Brazil, Angola, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Poland, and Finland. Professor Dias has produced extensive research in the field of Tourism and Marketing. His work has published Int. J. of Contemporary Hospitality Management, Current Issues in Tourism, J. Sustainable Tourism, J. Brand Management or Bus. Process Management J.

Mafalda Patuleia, Research Unit on Governance, Competitiveness and Public Policies (GOVCOPP) Aveiro University, Aveiro Portugal and Lusófona University, Lisbon Portugal

Has a Ph.D. in Tourism from the Faculty of Economics of the University of Algarve. She is the Head of the Tourism Department of the Lusófona University. She is also a researcher at the GOVCOPP - Research Unit on Governance, Competitiveness and Public Policies (Aveiro University) and at the TRIE -Transdisciplinary Research Center of Innovation & Entrepreneurship Ecosystems, with research interests in tourism destinations and hotel management. She has produced research in the field of creative tourism, lifestyle entrepreneurs, second homes and competitiveness in tourism destinations, including book chapters, papers in scientific journals and conference proceedings, case studies, and working papers.

Leandro Pereira, ISCTE-IUL, Lisbon, Portugal and Business Research Unit, Lisbon, Portugal

Leandro Pereira is an Associate Professor with Habilitation at ISCTE-IUL and CEO/founder of WINNING Scientific Management. He has more than 20 years of experience in academic activity and experience in senior management positions in consulting companies. He has a degree in Management Informatics from the University of Minho and a PhD in Management, specializing in Project Management from the Pontifical University of Salamanca. Leandro Pereira has dozens of professional and academic distinctions in his curriculum, in particular, the best national manager by Best Team Leaders and the merit distinction of best student at the University of Minho. Leandro Pereira has more than 100 indexed scientific publications and 10 edited management books, having published in reference Journals such as the European Journal of International Management, the International Journal of Agile Systems and Management, and the Journal of Open Innovation. Besides being the coordinator of two international scientific projects, Leandro Pereira has counted in his history with the guidance of more than 120 master's students and 15 doctoral students. Leandro Pereira is also the Director of the Executive Master in Program and Project Management and of the Post-Graduation in Management Consulting, besides being a consultant and trainer for the Court of Auditors. Leandro Pereira is a specialist in Business Strategy, Project Management, Complex Problem-Solving, Business Impact, and Knowledge Management. He was also the founder and President of PMI Portugal.




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Andrade, T. A., Dias, Álvaro, Patuleia, M., & Pereira, L. (2023). Digital Nomads’ Willingness to Stay – a Combined Analysis of SEM and fsQCA Results. Journal of Tourism and Services, 14(27), 161–180.