A Systematic Literature Review on Marine Tourism in Business Management: State of the Art and Future Research Agenda





This systematic literature review investigates marine tourism within the scope of business management areas, shedding light on diverse industry dimensions, from environmental impacts to economic valuations. Utilizing the Scopus database and spanning a decade (2012-2022), this research meticulously sifts through an initial bulk of identified articles, ultimately honing in on 37 pertinent papers through a criterion that ensured relevance via aspects like authorship, title, publication year, journal, and citation count. With a structured mapping approach, the research categorizes marine tourism in business management into basic, emerging, motor, and niche themes, revealing critical insights and articulating states of the art in several key facets of marine tourism. Among these are Limited Focus on Sustainable Practices, Under-Explored Technology Utilization, Insufficient Market Segmentation Studies, and Minimal Research on Crisis Management. The study further crafts a future research agenda, considering pivotal domains such as sustainability, technology, market dynamics, crisis management, and community engagement. Serving as a potential cornerstone for forthcoming studies, this research not only maps out future investigations in marine tourism within business management but also highlights themes ripe for deeper, more detailed exploration, thereby enriching the academic vista in marine tourism within the realm of business management.


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Author Biography

Mochammad Fahlevi, Bina Nusantara University, Indonesia

Mochammad Fahlevi is a distinguished academic and researcher currently working as a faculty member at Bina Nusantara University, one of the leading universities in Indonesia. As a renowned expert in the field of management, Fahlevi has made significant contributions to the disciplines of management, business economics, corporate governance, and health management.




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Fahlevi, M. (2023). A Systematic Literature Review on Marine Tourism in Business Management: State of the Art and Future Research Agenda. Journal of Tourism and Services, 14(27), 299–321. https://doi.org/10.29036/jots.v14i27.549