A Structuralist Account of Austrian Tourism

Pfatschbacher, K. (2017). A Structuralist Account of Austrian Tourism. Journal of Tourism and Services 9(16): 45-47.


  • Klaus Pfatschbacher University of Applied Sciences IMC-FH-Krems


structuralism, archetypes, culture, Austria, tourism, culture


How can you present the characteristics of Austrian tourism in a nutshell? Such a question appears to be pro-eminent as it not only presents essential benchmarks but also showcases areas suitable for improvement. A very modern way of deciphering the typical features refers to a structuralist approach in literature: Following Vladimir Propp’s Morphology of the Folktale we are going to frame several categories of tourism allowing us to define outstanding genres of tourism including all their drawbacks and potentials. This might lead to innovative visions of how to perceive touristic offers in Austria.