Educational Tourism in Arboretum – The Case of Borová Hora

Sarvašová, I., Kiráľová, A. (2018). Educational Tourism in Arboretum – The Case of Borová Hora. Journal of Tourism and Services 9(16): 31-44.


  • Ivana Sarvašová TUZVO Arboretum Borova Hora
  • Alžbeta Kiráľová University College of Business in Prague, Czech Republic



education, tourism, arboretum, Technical University in Zvolen


Nowadays tourists are increasingly seeking learning and educational experiences while on holidays. This interest has led institutions and organizations that served some years ago predominantly to education purposes to create tourism product with the focus on the general public. These tourism products include learning or education components providing professional information in a way that is acceptable also to non-professional visitors. Arboretums are one of these establishments that provide a wide range of possibilities for the practical teaching of students in primary biological disciplines but also attract visitors because of their natural beauty and relaxing atmosphere. Reflecting versatility of the arboretum, the authors outline primary the forms of educational tourism; they characterize the Arboretum Borová hora (the supply side) and analyze the visitation (demand side) of the arboretum. After reviewing the current state of scientific knowledge in educational tourism, the following research question was formulated: Can guided tours enhance the visitation of the Arboretum? The results of the regression analysis confirmed that the targeted introduction of novelties (or new impetus) for arboretum visitors (guided tours) increased the overall arboretum traffic and awareness of Arboretum Borová hora.